Current Projects

In October of 2015 Hecate launched GreenLight, a suite of tools for digital pressure testing, in partnership with Offshore Technical Compliance (OTC).  This suite of tools builds on Hecate's decade of experience with digital pressure testing of blow-out preventers in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond and OTC's proven track record with offshore compliance.  The GreenLight Suite consists of three tools - Blueprint for planning tests, GreenLight for performing tests and Leaflet for reporting tests.

Hecate has developed a smartwatch application for the Pebble focused on use of the device’s three-axis accelerometer using CloudPebble. Hecate has also developed an Android app that works in concert with the AccelLog Pebble app using the official Android IDE, Android Studio. Together they offer logging and visualization of acceleration data sampled from the Pebble device.

For more details, visit the AccelLog page.