Anadromous is a cutting edge fish counting software for various fish species.  Anadromous is vital software for counting of thousands of adult anadromous fish in the Columbia River Basin.   Cloud connected, tried and tested at hydropower facilities, this software helps organizations comply with fish counting requirements.  


Specialized Devices for Optimal Performance

Anadromous tallies the net upstream movement of 19 different fish species for the Columbia River Basin.  The Microsoft Windows based software interacts with a specialized keyboard that allows counters to rapidly count fish as they pass through fish ladders.  Fish counters can also enter comments through the software about various observations.  New updates allow the software to be configured for different fish species and different locations.


Cloud Interaction and Connectivity for Reporting 

Every hour, Anadromous sends count data to the Four Peaks Spawning Ground web application.  This software stores and catalogues fishery count data into a database.  Each day Spawning Ground delivers these data to the appropriate data sources for dissemination to the public.


DNN Cams

Anadromous also enables the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology which aides in compressing several thousand hours of video into single still images of fish.  These images can then be rapidly counted by human counters using Anadromous user interface.  Anadromous works with the Boulder AI’s DNN Cameras – a deep neural network camera – and web API.  

  • Rapidly count different fish species
  • Works with configurable and programmable keyboards
  • Configurable to count different fish species
  • Cloud connected for data delivery 
  • Easy to use


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