Software Engineer, Ph.D.

Brian LaMarche joined Hecate Software in 2014 and is now the lead engineer on the GreenLight Software Suite.  He spent his early career at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) leading projects in laboratory automation, image processing, microscopy, computational mass spectrometry data analysis, user interfaces, and large-scale data processing. He played a pinnacle role in designing real-time processing software for the Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Tracking System (JSATS) project which was capable of capturing petabytes of data.  Brian is a believer of flexible plug-in software architectures, as demonstrated by the automation of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) systems. This software allows researchers to quickly integrate heterogeneous hardware, reconfigure experimental procedures, and take to full automation rapidly.  In 2013, Brian was an integral part of a team that won an R&D 100 award for the development of an instrument and analysis software that leads to rapid medical and environmental testing. 

Brian received his B.S. with Honors in Computer Science in 2004 from Washington State University.  He received his Doctorate in Computer Science from Washington State University Tri-Cities (WSU-TC) in 2016 for his research that was focused on the alignment and correlation of hundreds of proteomic and metabolomic datasets using unsupervised learning techniques. 

From 2011 to 2015, Brian was an adjunct professor at WSU-TC where he taught software courses to undergraduates in software design, testing, and advanced data structures.  During his tenure, he designed advanced teaching aides which integrated modern embedded hardware, including the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, into his curriculum.  He works with his local area high schools to help integrate computer science into their STEM curriculums.

Brian Lamarche
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