Software Developer

Josh has a background in computer science, mathematics, and physics, receiving a B.S. in Computer Science as well as a B.S. in Mathematics from Texas Christian University (2010). At TCU, he researched gravitational systems and the simulation of their evolution via spectral methods under Dr. Bruce Miller. In addition, he researched and developed a gesture training/recognition system along with his fellow senior design members of the TCU Computer Science and CIT departments. The ‘FROG Recognizer of Gestures’ project made use of 3D acceleration-based motion detection using wireless Java SunSpot technology and gesture training/recognition based on a probabilistic Hidden Markov Model method.

Josh Alvord has been a software developer for Hecate since 2010. At Hecate, Josh has combined his backgrounds in computing and the sciences in work on projects in the oil and gas industry as well as the optical industry.

Josh Alvord