Senior Software Engineer

Nick is a senior software engineer for the Atlas web application suite and Hecate Azure Cloud infrastructure for Hecate Software, Inc.  Nick has over 15 years of experience in building web applications using proven architectures (Onion, MVC) and industry standard web frameworks (.NET MVC, ReactJS, Redux).  Nick also has over four years of experience in building Azure Cloud infrastructure.  This includes building industry standard software engineering environments from development to production.  Nick emphasizes security in all cloud environments such as authentication and authorization, web applications, databases, and data streaming.  Nick employs software engineering standards with the Hecate development team.  Nick communicates with and demonstrates software with the Hecate team and the Offshore Technical Compliance (OTC) teams.


Nick has six months of experience leading a Quality Management System (QMS) as a Quality Assurance (QA) lead based on ISO 9001.  This includes building a QMS with Hecate Software, Inc. and working with employees for change requests, training, and finalizing QMS documents.  Specific to software engineering, Nick built a QMS with a focus on quality software through the Agile lifecycle with documented and tracible processes.  Furthermore, these processes are agreed upon by all team members and officially signed by senior management.

Nick Mileson Sr. Software Engineer